Details For Defendant

Time CaseNum Defendant Hearing Type City Description
9:30 am 201300019 AROCHA, NICOLE DAWN ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE West Jordan Justice
Judge: RONALD E KUNZ Courtroom:  Case: 201300019
  Hearing Type: ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE Code: WJO
             30   ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE
                                                    WJO 201300019 Other Misdemeanor
             WEST JORDAN CITY                         ATTY: ELLEDGE, JANET
             AROCHA, NICOLE DAWN                      ATTY:
                OTN: 58910332    DOB: 03/08/1998
             MB - RETAIL THEFT (SHOPLIFTING)                 - 01/03/20
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    CITATION #: C165816281  SHERIFF #:            LEA #: 20H000131