Details For Defendant

Time CaseNum Defendant Hearing Type City Description
2:00 pm 205000870 HOAGLIN, JUSTIN LEE OTSC #3 APPEAR OR PAY AUG Riverton
Judge: PAUL H OLDS Courtroom:  Case: 205000870
  Hearing Type: OTSC #3 APPEAR OR PAY AUG Code: RVD
             19   OTSC #3 APPEAR OR PAY AUG
                                                    RVD 205000870 Traffic Court Case
             RIVERDALE CITY                           ATTY: TOOMBS, LETITIA
             HOAGLIN, JUSTIN LEE                      ATTY:
                OTN:             DOB: 04/25/1984
             MC - DRIVE ON SUSPENDED OR REVOKE LICENSE       - 05/01/20
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    CITATION #: R554136     SHERIFF #:            LEA #: 20RI4118