Details For Defendant

Time CaseNum Defendant Hearing Type City Description
8:30 am 211800010 HURBEN, STEPHEN JURY SELECTION/TRIAL - WEBEX Daggett District
Judge: GREGORY LAMB Courtroom:  Case: 211800010
  Hearing Type: JURY SELECTION/TRIAL - WEBEX Code: S05
             2    JURY SELECTION/TRIAL - WEBEX
                                                    S05 211800010 Other Misdemeanor
             STATE OF UTAH                            ATTY: SNIDER, KENT
                                                            WOOLLEY, CHAD
                                                            LUND, NIEL
             HURBEN, STEPHEN                          ATTY: BERARDI, FRANK
                OTN:             DOB: 04/25/1982
             MA - THREAT/USE OF DANGEROUS WEAPON IN FIGHT    - 08/28/20
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    CITATION #:             SHERIFF #:            LEA #: D20-100
                             >      NO OTN NUMBER      <